Private Small Group Wine Tasting Tour from Slovenian Coast

Enjoy the flavor and taste of the Istra region through wine & homemade culinary delicacies. Get a nice view of vineyards & get to know the region through its wine.

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Private Small Group Wine Tasting Tour from Slovenian Coast

  • 4 hours
  • Slovenian coast
  • from 75 eur per person min 8 people
  • Easy

Enjoy the flavor and taste of the Istra region through wine & homemade culinary delicacies. Get a nice view of vineyards & get to know the region through its wine.

Tour Description

Embark on a journey of the senses – visiting the winery and tasting some delicious appetisers that will give you a taste of what our land can produce with good care and the necessary love for nature.

Slovenia is well known for hosting various wine regions. Wine production varies according to the region you visit, as do the taste and characteristics of the wines. During this tour you will visit two wineries within the same wine region. At the end you will be able to compare how varied the wine is and what kind of production takes place in each of the two wine regions with a dediacted wine tatsing. Most of the wineries are family-run, which gives you the opportunity to explore the production and talk to your hosts about the production. The tour offers you an insight into the region while you learn about the beautiful natural landscape and local stories. Explore the region with the knowledge of the locals, whose aim is to convey the local way of life and their passion.

Price of the private tour per person in van with English speaking driver:

Min 2 persons: 190,00 euros per person

Min 3 persons: 140,00 euros per person

Min 4 persons: 115,00 euros per person

Min 5 persons: 100,00 euros per person

Min 6 persons: 85,00 euros per person

Min 7 persons: 80,00 euros per person

Min 8 persons: 75,00 euros per person


Please be ready 10 minutes before the departure time in order to leave for the tour on time. Your guide will hold a sign with your name in order to easily recognise the correct transportation. 

Enjoy a guided tour along the Slovenian coast and its wine region. The landscape is very varied and each winery offers a different wine selection. During the tour you will visit a family-run winery where your local host will meet you personally. You will be invited for an in-depth tour of the wine cellar before enjoying 3 wine tastings at the winery. If you would like to enjoy even more, you can of course do so by having an additional wine tasting directly at the winery.

Did you know that Slovenia has its own queen and king, but this time the queen is a real one Slovenian Wine Queen. every year there is a peagant where the new Wine Queen one is elected. Her dress must be similar to the wine she represents, she must know about the wine and above all she must work and know how to make the wine on her own family vineyard. It is a Slovenian phenomenon, but every year the event gains more and more popularity. If you are lucky, you might be able to take a photo with the past or present queen.

After the impressions of the first winery you will be transferred to the second winery. The wineries you will visit differ in their production and final product. Nevertheless, your experiences will give you an understanding of the diversity of production in the region. While you will be invited to a second tasting of three wine samples, your hosts will give you a tour of their production in detail.

Slovenia is also the home of the new trend wine, the orange wine. Try a glass of the wine, which is made from red grapes using the same process as rosé wine. This time the white grapes are maceration longer to preserve the aroma, taste and colour. The wines have a deep body and reflect a deep orange color.

Filled with emotions and experiences of the local life in the region, you will return back to your starting point with many new impressions. Gather them together and make it worth the visit.

What's included?

Wine tasting in one of the local wineries. You will visit two wineries, 3 wine samples at each are included.

Light snack of bread and cheese


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