Wine Roads in Slovenia

A Variety of Wine Roads in Slovenia

The busiest time for Slovenian wine makers is over now. Harvest of the mature grapes of all varieties is now finalised in Slovenia. As the regions of Slovenia are diverse, the first harvest was on the Slovenian Coast and later, the wine roads of Goriska Brda, located west and last, towards the north east of Slovenia.

We at KoperTours do support the wine-making in Slovenia. Therefore, our team seeks new wineries, new wine roads and new wines all year around. From small boutique wineries, specialised in small production to larger wine cellars with a wider production ready for export, everyone will enjoy something.

When visiting the Slovenian coast, we encourage you to book a wine tour and start exploring the flavours of the regional wines. We take care of all the arrangements.

Local wineries produce wine that vary in aromas and structure. The tour will give you the opportunity to meet in person the wine producers. Meeting the local hosts will give you the opportunity to listen and learn all about their wine production. How it starts in the vineyard, how they take care of the vines and cultivate the grapes, until the harvest and final wine production.

The two autochthonous grapes for the Slovenian Coast are Malvasia and Refosco.

Malvasia is a white wine with a fresh, fruity and crisp body. Perfect for seafood, risotto, spicy foods, white meat and fresh cheese. You can find it almost all restaurants on the coast with many variations. Its color is golden yellow.

The red wine is Refosco, with a strong ruby red and a little violet hue. It embraces black berries and a hint of pepper. It is paired well with roast meat, smoked dry cuts and blue fish. This two wines are the most common in the lifestyle of local people in the coastal area.

The tour has many variations, if you are looking for specific wineries in the area or a specific wine for example a rose, red, orange, sparkling or white wine tour we can accommodate such demand. Please contact us in order to finalise the wine road tour for your specific taste & palate.

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