Visit Ljubljana on a Tour from Koper Slovenia

Ljubljana, the Capital of Slovenia, was awarded the best destination in Europe in 2022

Thinking about taking a cruise tour to Ljubljana?

We are proud to announce Ljubljana – Slovenia was proclaimed the best travel destination in Europe. Based on the reviews and worldwide voters who did already visit Ljubljana – which proves the international vibe this travel destination has.

Among the 20 highlighted destinations, followers of social networks and the website European Best Destinations chose the Slovenian capital as the destination they would like to visit during their vacation this year. While taking a walking tour through Ljubljana on your own, you will be able to notice the city orientation towards a sustainable tourism.  The city centre, with the Tripple Bridge and Prešernov Square rapresent a vibrant meeting point for tourist and lokals alike, while still nurturing a clean and safe environment.

Maximilien Lejeune, Director of European Best Destinations,  pointed out: »World travellers love Ljubljana. It boasts an exceptional quality of life, green areas and accessibility, it is a safe, tolerant, multicultural, optimistic, sporty and family-friendly destination. It is a role model for all European destinations.« The prestigious international award is yet another piece of evidence that Ljubljana is becoming a global role model for urban destinations worldwide and is recognized throughout the year as an innovative, lively, colourful and sustainable destination.

While visiting Slovenia on your cruise to Slovenia, a Tour to Ljubljana, can be a nice addition to your Adriatic Cruise. While you cruise to Slovenia and visit other mediteranean top destination, a 902min drive to Ljubljana, brings you into the heart of Central Europe. Our shore excursion to Ljubljana is structured in order to provide you enough free time and shopping opportunities. The tour is a a must thing to do if travelling to Slovenia for the first time.

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