For all of you who celebrate a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter we offer our warmest wishes to your families, hoping that you are all together celebrating the story of Passover passed down from generation to generation, and the Easter Sunday, the agony on the Cross and the miracle of resurrection. Easter is the day of hope for better days ahead for all of us.

On such a weekend we all have an obligation to do something meaningful. Our small team at Kopertours went to visit the nearby village of Hrastovlje, just a short ride by car from Koper. The visit was educational for all of us.
Hrastovlje is renown for the Church of the Holy Trinity. The church stands behind a wall that the local population built to protect itself from Turkish attacks in the 16th century. What is special is the inside of the church with original frescoes which miraculously survived through the ages depicting scenes from the Old and New Testament.
We were all struck by the quietness and the divinity, almost sanctity of our surroundings. One could sense the presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit within the Church of the Holy Trinity. We all came out feeling captivated by our feelings and inner thoughts.

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