Yacht Rental

One of Our Most Popular Half Day Tours!

Yacht Rental

Special experiences for you and your company in exploring Adriatic Coast, is easy possible. Rent your yacht and make a sailing around the Slovenian Coast. Feel the breeze and take a swim in sparkling water, to fully embrace your journey. For any additional wishes, please send us a request, and we’ll make a best offer for you.

Tour highlights…

Rent your yacht which is perfect way for family, friends and colleagues to spent day on the sea and have a nice experience along the sail. We can provide drinks as well or some entrainment on board if interested. It is a nice way to spend the day together, according to the hours you can rent for time as you prefer together with skipper and crew.

The itinerary can be made up to you and we can help you to provide best program according to the preferences.  Sail to Piran Bay, you can visit Piran and make a stop there, stop for a lunch and have a guided tour if preferred, continue to Izola, preferably stop there and have a sightseeing.

You can just relax on the sun and take a swim. You can enjoy in socializing in the middle of the sea and soak up the sun.

Sailing on private yacht that will take you through the Slovenian Coast, together with drinks or preferred stops on coastal towns with lunch or snack.

We can arrange transfer to the port as well and guide of requested language. Send us your request and we will make it best for you.



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