Gourmet Ljubljana Tour

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Gourmet Ljubljana Tour

Slovenia is rich in culinary heritage. There is no dish that could explain the nation in one taste, assembled by five main regions as Slovenia can.

Tour highlights…

Take a part on this culinary journey of our country through our Capital City – Ljubljana.

With a guided tour, you will be introduced to the historical heritage as well as to the main dishes, which are characterized by our gastronomy.

Slovenia is surrounded by 4 neighboring countries, rich with special dishes that are intertwined throughout the historical background and the paths, where people where inhabiting and creating the area on their own. 

The guests will have a chance to explore traditional inns, where each of them is writing a new story and history together, with rustic décor and amazing dishes, based on old recipes.

What you experience…

One of the most famous delicacies to try is definitely Kranjska sausage. It is known world-wide under different names: the Kransky sausage in Australia introduced by Slovenians living there; Krainer Wurst in German or Polish sausage in North America. Our tasty sausage is a favorite with all generations, young and old.

»Kranjska klobasa« originates from the region of Carniola, which used to be a province in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It derives from the cultural u0026amp; culinary heritage of pork sausages made in Slovenia from the 19th century.

Interesting tour, will take you to one of the most important culinary locations and points, where dishes are served and cooked based on traditional recipes and are keeping the real value of such delicacies still up to today.



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