Discover Ljubljana & Lake Bled (from Koper)

One of Our Most Popular Full Day Tours!

Ljubljana Capital & Lake Bled (from Koper)

Two of the most precious and beautiful cities that are in two different regions. Both are a must see, while in Slovenia.

Tour highlights…

Discover Ljubljana & Lake Bled! Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and figuratively spoken almost literal center of the country. With nearly three times more inhabitants than any other Slovene city. It has an even larger share of its commercial, administrative, cultural and educational activities.

Nowadays, Ljubljana combines a quaint and well – kept medieval old town at its centre with more modern districts radiating out in all directions.

Ljubljana vibrates with youth and countless cultural events taking place on a daily basis. A well established spirit of nightlife. The capital city of Ljubljana is a city that will make you want to stay there longer.

Known as a green capital and one of the most sustainable capitals in Europe, it will truly get to you. You will pass charmed historic castle on the hill, from where you will have all city on the tip on your hand.

Breath in the unique Art Noveau and Baroque architecture, pass the most famous lovers in the city – Prešeren on Prešeren square and cross the Dragon and Triple Bridge, guarding the Ljubljanica river.

What you experience

A place with big blue lake, idyllic island, iconic church, domineering castle at the top of the hill. Lake Bled has all of this, with the added bonus of the church sitting proudly in the middle of the island. It is one of the most popular destinations in Slovenia. Bled, most amazing town with emerald lake and breathtaking view over the Alps, will absolutely charm you. Get on board on traditional wooden Pletna boat and take a sail towards Island in the middle of the lake.

Take a stroll through the city, get connected with locals and try traditional flavors while exploring two different parts of the country. Sail with wooden boat or climb up to Ljubljana castle.



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