Cooking Class from Portoroz or Piran

Cooking Class (from Portoroz or Piran)

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Cooking Class from Portoroz or Piran

To get to know the region well, it’s best to do it through food, especially the traditional kind. Within this interesting cooking course, guests can prepare various traditional Istrian meals, from simple to true gourmet delicacies.

Tour highlights…

Istrian cuisine is so diverse and balanced, that will enchant you in every step of the way. You will experience Mediterranean character and countryside one.  With best olive oil, wines and cultivated ingredients, you will find istrian food and gastronomy to be intensive and passionate.  We should single out the homemade bread and pasta, polenta with cod fish, risotto with nettle, sardines and other specialties.

Of course, the participants can take their prepared food with them. One of the most known Istrian fuži and polenta. Polenta is a fine, corn-based grain that can be served creamy, fried, or baked and with extra sauces as goulash, meat or cod fish – which is known white fish, mostly served as a spread.

What you experience

Try the recipe of Fuži at home before you join the tour! Here recipe for Fuži:

Make a soft dough out of flour, salt, egg and water. Roll into a thin layer and slice them 3-4cm wide. Then use a skewer to wrap one end and pinch them together. Boil them in hot water and serve them with delicious truffle sauce as usually prepared.

Other than beautiful nature, rich history and cultural heritage, one of the hidden treasures of Istria is in its cuisine. The traditional Istrian meals are filled with original taste and aromas that area created because of combining specific climates, countries and old recipes.