Biking Tour – Local Produce Trail

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Biking Tour – Local Produce Trail

On the half day biking tour you will learn about the salt of the region and its production, with emphasis on local products.

Tour highlights…

The first stop is salt fields. You will learn about salt production and its importance for the region. Next stop will be regional park and easy biking towards Izola where you will have degustation of some seafood.

The soul of Izola is most tangibly felt whilst strolling along the ancient fishing harbor, which in more recent years has been supplemented with a modern marina just to the west (and an impressive fleet of luxury yachts and other boats).

In the summertime, life here quite naturally centres around the sea. Along the sea you will reach Koper, the capital of the coast.

This biggest coastal town is with well-preserved architecture and rich Venetian background.

Now a modern and attractive destination for visitors, Koper still wears its history on its sleeve, most notably the five centuries of Venetian rule, which has left a distinctive mark on the town.

What you experience

Strolling along the narrow streets and past the imposing palaces and monumental architecture of the old town, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in Italy, especially given the fact that all street signs are in both Slovene and Italian. However, despite its outward appearance, Koper is of course a Slovene town first and foremost, and moreover a quite important one economically, given that it is the site of Slovenia’s only commercial port.

Take a journey towards Regional park Strunjan and explore the flavours of Slovenian Coast.



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