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Natural and Cultural Heritage of Ljubljana Marshes

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Ljubljana is European Green Capital of 2016 and as such it offers great opportunities for green experiences. Just next to Ljubljana, bogy terrain, called Ljubljana Marshes is located, which has been in 2008 protected as a nature park.

The trip starts at your Hotel, where the professional guide for the Ljubljana region will meet you. First stop of the tour will be Bevke, where the only remains of raised bog on Ljubljana Marshes can still be seen. The guests will have a focal point of what most of the terrain of southern Ljubljana basin looked like before 19th century, when local people started cutting peat and selling it on the market. Next stop is Technical museum of Slovenia, former Carthusian monastery, where beautiful architecture and rich technical collection can be admired. Guest will then have a scenic drive through the Ljubljana Marshes, passing Borovnica (Blueberry), a village famous for the remains of once the biggest viaduct in Europe, which was destroyed in the 2nd WW. Guests will stop in Črna Vas (Black Village) and will visit an organic farm Trnulja, where a tasting of local organic delicacies will be included. Meeting the hosts will introduce you to their production of selected organic oils and wheats.

On the way back to Ljubljana there will be a stop at the church of St. Michael, the wooden structured church, a masterpiece of the genius architect Jože Plečnik.

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