“Piran was created from the salt.” This is a common phrase you will encounter, while visiting Piran. Salt was so precious back in Venetian times, that its value was equalized with wealth. Production of the salt was the main way of earning the salary for inhabitants of Piran. In spring they usually left their homes in Piran for work in the salt fields near by until the end of summer. Now the Secovlje salt fields are a regional park and protected area due to its cultural and natural heritage. Combining the old traditions and modern climate, the works are still done as per past tradition. During the summer months the fields are dotted with crystal white piles of freshly harvested salt.

When in Portoroz or on Slovenian coast, you should take a day to dedicate for exploring the rich salt heritage. You can either visit the regional park with the bike or spend a day hiking around. For summer months we would definetlly recommend a visit to the salt spa.

Salt spa is a hidden escape from the public beach and crowded seaside. Treat yourself with a gentle sea breeze, sounds of the waves and shining sun while enjoying a relaxing bath in the swimming pool filled with brine – mother water. Next are the kneip pools where you can walk and feel your feet relax when walking over stones in cold and warm water. At your choice you can choose between classic massages and the famous salt scrub and the mud wrap.

The salt scrub is a different experience that will really make you feel the texture and force of the salt. As for the mud wrap, that is an experience. The smell of it will remind you of the calm shallow sea. Its consistency is rich of minerals and has a healing effect for rheumatic and joint disease. It softens the skin which tones up and becomes firm. Carefully applied in its soft fine grained liquid substance you will turn into shades of gray. Slowly letting the mud dry under the sun, the substance starts to thicken and loosing its elasticity until you wash it off.

A day in the salt spa is like a meditation temple, where the nature powers you up, while you have the opportunity to loosen your inner tension.

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