Sailing the Adriatic Sea

Experience the Slovenian Coast by Sailing the Adriatic Sea

Summer holidays are approaching with lightning speed and the ideal time to experience the Slovenian Coast by sailing the Adriatic Sea. Slovenia will once again become the ultimate holiday destination for all wanderers and water enthusiasts. The beautiful Adriatic Sea with its sparkling blue water is gladly awaiting guests to enjoy the light sea breeze. Although the Slovenian coastline is only 46 km (30 miles) long, it can still offer a fantastic experience by sailing along the coast. Choose from panoramic sailing along the coast or stopping at the seaside towns of Piran, Portorož, Izola and Koper.

Your sailing experience can take place an unique wooden fisherman’s boat. This would also make your sailing the Adriatic Sea even the more memorable, with an open interior to enjoy. But the experience is not complete without a seafood lunch, with fresh fish and other delicacies, selection as finger food, drinks and entertainment.
The best way is to start in Portorož or Piran, have a visit of picturesque Piran with beautiful Venetian architecture and history. Then take a little stroll through narrow medieval streets and discover the true spirit of a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Afterwards you can take a sailing trip towards Izola, a charming fishermen’s town. There, you have to taste the famous dessert Izolanka, named after the women who lived in Izola. If you do not like sightseeing, you can just enjoy the panoramic sailing, jump swimming or take some sunbathing. There is also a possibility to stop at Koper, the biggest town on the Slovenian Coast. Get to know the vibe of this coastal city. We can also organise boat rentals for groups to enjoy sailing all by themselves, with special entertainment .

If you want adventure as a part of the sailing experience, or how sea life actually looks like, you can be part of the crew with our skipper. The skipper will explain the fine details of sailing the Adriatic Sea. Next thing you know, you will be following the wind with beautiful scenery all around. However, if it suits you better, just relax on the waves. Try our Sailing school at Sea tour or, view all our Boat tours.

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