Private Experiences

Enjoy Private Experiences in Slovenia!

Let us know your location of stay and search for best half day tour in region.
Want to explore the Slovenian Coast in depth but do not have too much time on hand? Take any of our half day tours and soak in the sun with our professional guides. You can wander through coastal towns, have a sporty day by biking around and getting to know the beautiful countryside or enjoy the glittering blue colour of the sea. All half day tours are up to 4 hours. Choose from different interests & topics.

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Cooking Class (from Portorož or Piran)

To get to know the region, it’s best to do it through food. Within this interesting cooking class, guests can prepare traditional Istrian meals.
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Fisherman Experience in Piran

If you want to experience traditional skills and learn how to catch a fish with a professional fisherman, this tour is right for you!
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High Speed Boat Panorama

Are you a private party, a family, a couple or a group of friends looking to spend the day exploring the Slovenian sea and the Piran Bay?
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Lunch at the Wine Makers Home

Visit the home of local family and get to know their story of wine making on this private culinary experience.
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Sailing School at Sea

Enjoy a ride with a professional skipper and get the basic knowledge of sailing. The Adriatic Sea offers a variety of water activities on this sparkling blue water.
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Salt SPA

The Salt Spa is the only open air spa in Slovenia, which is located in the protected area, regional park of Secovlje.
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Speed Boat Special Transfer

Special transfer along the Slovenian Coast with unique speed boat transportation in Piran Bay and surroundings. The rental can be up from 4 hours to multiple days.
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Swimming Break On A Sailing Boat

Combine sailing and swimming on the Slovenian coast and enjoy the sparkling Adriatic sea water in the Piran Bay area.
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Yacht Rental

Special experiences for you and your company in exploring Adriatic Coast, is easy possible. Rent your yacht and make a sailing around the Slovenian Coast.