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Experience the Slovenian Coast by Sailing the Adriatic Sea

Summer holidays are approaching with lightning speed and the ideal time to experience the Slovenian Coast by sailing the Adriatic Sea. Slovenia will once again become the ultimate holiday destination for all wanderers and water enthusiasts. The beautiful Adriatic Sea with its sparkling blue water is gladly awaiting guests to enjoy the light sea breeze. Although the Slovenian coastline is only 46 km (30 miles) long, it can still offer a fantastic experience by sailing along the coast. Choose from panoramic sailing along the coast or stopping at the seaside towns of Piran, Portorož, Izola and Koper. Read More…

Sailing the Adriatic Sea Slovenia

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A Variety of Wine Roads in Slovenia

The busiest time for Slovenian wine makers is over now. Harvest of the mature grapes of all varieties is now finalised in Slovenia. As the regions of Slovenia are diverse, the first harvest was on the Slovenian Coast and later, the wine roads of Goriska Brda, located west and last, towards the north east of Slovenia.

We at KoperTours do support the wine-making in Slovenia. Therefore, our team seeks new wineries, new wine roads and new wines all year around. From small boutique wineries, specialised in small production to larger wine cellars with a wider production ready for export, everyone will enjoy something. Read More…

Wine Shuttle Kopertours Wine Roads

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Slovenian Coastline Foodie Tours

Foodie tours or summer lunches, that was a thought we had. People ask us all the time what is the traditional food around the Slovenian Coast. In one breath we all said, at the brainstorming desk, very diverse. Slovenian Coast differentiates from the inner and northern parts of Slovenia for its culinary traditions. We have the blessing of living by the Adriatic Sea and therefore enjoy daily the local seafood!

Daily catch, is one of the most common choices. It is always good to know a local fisherman to whom you can trust for the best and the earliest supply. Read More…

Foodie Tours with local Delicacies

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13th International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Portoroz hosts the 13th annual HEFAT Conference. In order to help planning the leisure time, we have created a tailor-made schedule that can help exploring Slovenia while in Portoroz. As you will be able to see bellow, the tours are spread throughout the period of the Conference and will depart as scheduled. We take the bookings in advance via our web page. Please send us your request, our team will look into it in order to process your booking.

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HEFAT 2017 Bled Lake

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Town Izola Between Piran & Koper

Today Isola is a pleasant and romantic small fishing town in which traditions of fishing and crafts are still alive, this being especially visible during the summer period when the traditional summer fishing festival takes place all over town.

The oldest building in Izola is the Church of Mary of Haliaetum, consecrated to protect fisherman and fishery.  At the top of the island stands the church of St. Maurus, the town’s patron saint. Legend has it that the townspeople prayed to their patron to save them from the incoming Genoese navy (adversary of the Venetians).

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Design & High Fashion Shopping at Italian Fashion Outlets

True to its tradition of the land of design and high fashion, Italy keeps up with all the major fashion trends. Not only by following them, Italian designers around the world create them. Close to Slovenia, you’ll find two major fashion outlets that can be reached within a pleasant drive in a day.

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Italian fashion outlets

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Enjoy Slovenia Biking Adventures

If your sport spirit does not keep you calm during the holidays, we have the answer. Come and enjoy some beautiful biking Adventures and trails across the Slovenian Coast. You do not have a bike? Don’t worry we can rent you a bicycle at our office or we deliver it at your address.

In order to spend the most out of your time, our team is glad to help by the planning of the itinerary. We know the area and the region from Trieste, Karst, Slovenian Coast and the Croatian Istra. The Parenzana biking trail connects the region from its starting point in Trieste all the way, passing Slovenia, to the Croatian town of Porec or Parenzo, from here also the name Parenzana.

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Biking Adventures Slovenia

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Lippizaner Stud Farm

The history of the Lippizaner Stud Farm is indivisible from the history of the Habsburg dynasty who ruled baroque Central Europe for 650 years.

With just a short drive from Koper, the Lipica estate is within 45 minutes of scenic ride. Once you pass the geographical border of the Mediterranean coast, you are greeted in a new region, called the Karst. Its signature stone houses, wide meadows and the lush green fields and forests are spiced up with the traditional north wind called burja. If you experience its strong breeze you will be lucky to feel the freshness.

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Lippizaner Stud Farm