Meeting Point for KoperTours Shore Excursions

KoperTours meeting point for the shore excursions in Port of Koper.

This year we marked the meeting point so well, that we hope it will be an easy find first thing in the morning. As the shore excursions depart from Koper, the meeting point location for KoperTours is directly a few steps on the left hand side when exiting the port gates. With intentions of explaining it well, we did put together a short video, where the abiance is filmed and can create an idea of space orientation for the steps we will describe further.

In order to facilitate the morning tour departures, we prepared a short text step by step that will describe you how to reach your booked shore excursion meeting point at Koper, Slovenia, follow these steps:

  • Pass the Terminal Tent: Walk through the terminal tent as you exit from the ship’s docking area.
  • Look for KoperTours Souvenir Shop: After passing the terminal tent, continue walking outside the gate. On your left-hand side, you will spot a souvenir shop called KoperTours.
  • Identify the Blue House: The meeting point for your shore excursion is located behind the KoperTours souvenir shop stall. Look for the small blue house with white signage on the roof. Once arrived please check in with the assistant in the shop. Prepare your tickets for a faster check in.
  • Find the Meeting Point Sign: As you approach the blue house, facing towards the sea, you will notice a sign indicating “Meeting Point” affixed to the backside of the house.
  • Gather at the Meeting Point: Proceed to the designated meeting point at the back of the blue house facing the sea. This is where your booked shore excursion will likely gather before departing.
  • Arrive Early: Ensure you arrive at the meeting point in good time, at least 20min, before your excursion’s departure time. This will allow you to check in and join your group comfortably.


To award your commitment to our tours, we re also issuing a promotional coupon that can be redeemed when showing the tour booking confirmation or ticket at our booth. We know who takes the tour and can easily check. Please remember to ask for the discount by purchase, before the payment of the goods.