Scratching sun, humid air, warm breeze and blinding light, all this means summer is at its peak. After a week of high temperatures and summer feel, i was thinking, where shall we go in order to catch some fresh air and enjoy the outdoor. A few months ago I have been invited to a business lunch and had the chance to taste a smoked salmon that was produced in the area. However on this warm day the thought of a refreshing salmon came back to my mind, perhaps as an alternative to the seafood that is now in season.

And we went to Bagnoli della Rosandra, the Italian side of the border, just close by to Trieste, where lives the Slovenian minority. It is nice as you can mostly speak Slovenian or Italian, or even both languages. Here is also the birth place of the spring Rosandra, a cold water stream. And exactly this cold stream is suitable to breed the salmon. The family Zobec is doing it since 1984. The salmons are in average three years old before ready to be caught. Nevertheless it is a must to acknowledge that the family Zobec devoted their life into the aquaculture and delivers their product with hard work and passion.

So we started. I must admit that I never had so much salmon in one dinner, but everything has a first. You have the chance to choose between five salmon dishes for appetizer. Two marinated salmons both very refreshing, one smoked salmon, one pate and one that is conserved under salt with a dash of cappers and horseradish. All of this is accompanied with a glass of home brewed beer. Either blonde or red. You can feel that it is a craft beer by its bitter sweet taste. As for the main course, we enjoyed salmon gratin and fried salmon. This was also a first and delicious experience. It definetly is a delicate, smooth salmon that offers you a real treat of culinary heritage.

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