Italian Fashion Outlets

Design & High Fashion Shopping at Italian Fashion Outlets

True to its tradition of the land of design and high fashion, Italy keeps up with all the major fashion trends. Not only by following them, Italian designers around the world create them. Close to Slovenia, you’ll find two major fashion outlets that can be reached within a pleasant drive in a day.

The first of two Italian Fashion Outlets is the Palmanova outlet village, known for medium range brands. Known for its star shaped fort, the visit of Palmanova village is combined with visiting Palmanova outlet village. Unique characteristic of the renesance era, built by the Venetians. Also a nice site is the town of Aquilea. Its importance as a roman port several centuries back. Built on a lagoon with a wide sandy beach, you see Grado, a pleasant seaside resort of the area. During summer months it is a very popular destination. You can soak up the sun and enjoy a real beach day before or after your visit to the outlet.

The second of two Italian Fashion Outlets is the Noventa di Piave Outlet. These outloet shops varying from the most appreciated brands in fashion industry: prada, gucci, armani and other the upscale brands. It’s expanding every year and constantly adding something new. The shopping spree takes you around 2 hours to reach and enjoy both of these Italian fashion outloets. Furthermore, a nice opportunity to combine this visit with a tour of Venice for a day or two, before visiting the outlet.

Finally, if you are a true and real shopping fan, we recommend to visit both outlets in one day. Contact us for more.