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Hop & Taste – Hop On-Hop Off Slovenia

  • 5 hours
  • Koper, Izola, Piran, Portoroz
  • from 35 EUR per person
  • Easy


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Why Visit

Explore seaside villages and taste local flavors with a hop on-hop off taste bus tour of the Slovenian coast. This shore excursion is perfect for cruise ship visitors or visitors with limited time. You’ll get a great introduction to Slovenian culture by visiting several coastal villages in one trip. You’ll visit such coastal towns as Izola, Piran, Portoroz, and Koper spending as much time at each destination as you wish.

If you want to dive into Portoroz, Piran, Izola and Koper Slovenian Coast and experience the lifestyle of the coastal towns in one day, join us on the journey through Portoroz, Piran, Izola and Koper. 

You will receive a booklet of tasting coupons to be used on specific sites at destinations.

Highlights of the tour

Portoroz also means ‘port of roses’. During the walk you have the choice to enjoy a beautiful sandy beach and a promenade. Portoroz is also known for its health, spa & wellness and terminal pools. 

Piran is known as “the pearl of the Slovenian coast”. When you visit Piran, you will have the feeling of being in a real life museum. In the middle of the lively medieval Tartini square and with a magnificent view of the bell tower, your view will reach all the way to the Julian Alps sea and the sea. 

Before you arrive in Izola, you will see the view from the top of the town, which is wonderful. You can enjoy the incredible view from Strunjan to Trieste, the cape of Debeli rtic and Koper. 

Koper is the Venetian medieval town, with the graceful Tito Square and Pretorian Palace waiting to be explored. Your guide of the day, will provide you the set of tatsing coupons to be used in all towns you will visit.

If you want to dive into Portoroz, Piran, Izola and Koper Slovenian Coast and experience the lifestyle of the coastal towns in one day, join us on the journey through Portoroz, Piran, Izola and Koper. 

What you will experience

Wander through all the coastal towns of Slovenia and taste some of the local delicacies. Stay as long as you like in a town and explore it on your own or enjoy a panoramic drive along the coast.



As soon as you find the Cruise Terminal, look for a beach flag with Hop & Taste Logo, our representative will meet you there 15min before departure. Your guide of the day will welcome you and take you to the bus. All you need to do is show the guide your booking confirmation and in return you will receive your voucher and map booklet.


Enjoy the pleasant journey in the direction of Piran. Your guide will explain the lifestyle of the region and the sights you will pass by.


Enjoy the time in the oldest city of Slovenia at your own pace. Your tasting vouchers offer you the opportunity to enjoy a coffee, taste the local chocolate with salt and refresh yourself with an ice cream before you return to the bus station. Remember Piran is one of the most picturesque cities in Slovenia, so load up your camera and take some of the most beautiful selfies with you during the Adriatic cruise.


The guide will entertain you during the ride. Next stop is the seaside resort Portoroz, also called the port of Roses.


While strolling down the promenade in Portoroz, you can admire the resort, that dates back to the Austro Hungarian times. With the magnificent old Palace and modern hotels, it is a perfect stop to soak up the sun or take a dip in the see in the summer months, enjyo some local shopping or simply enjoy a glass of wine.


Enjoy your free time in the city of Izola. During the time on your own you can enjoy the caffe by Izola Cake the sea before returning to the bus station and continuing to your next stop.

After a stopover in Izola, either to visit the town or simply to pick up the guests, you will make the last leg of your journey to Koper.


When you arrive in Koper, you have the possibility to walk through the town in the direction of the port and the cruise ship, or take the bus to the starting point. Remember that there are still tasting vouchers that you can use when you visit the largest coastal town.


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Piran - your second stop on the Slovenia Hop on Hop Off

Piran is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia, dating back to the roman era. Exploring the city, will give you a feeling that you have been here, especially if you spent a day or two in Venice. Piran is called also Slovenian Senerissima and hides many Venetian jewels in its heart. One very visible proof of Venetian influence is the majestic bell tower with the archangel Gabriel predicting the weather.

Your coupons for Piran will offer you a taste of a refreshing ice cream and a taste of the salty chocolate. Your stay can be scheduled to one or two hours.

Portoroz - your second stop on the Slovenia Hop on Hop Off

Enjoy a leisurely walk along the Slovenian Riveria city of Portoroz. Known as the port of Roses or a town in memory of St Mary of the Roses, the city has even a real rose names after its glory. Known for many shopping opportunities and one of the largest resorts are, Portoroz is home also to the only sandy beach in Slovenia. 

The coupon is inviting you for a glass of local wine Malvasia or Refoscco before making your way back to Koper. 

Izola - your first stop on the Slovenia Hop on Hop Off

Hop and Taste Bus Tour takes you to the small and cosy coastal town of Izola. Izola is a wonderful Mediterranean town on the Slovenian coast, known for its fishermen tradition. During your visit you can spend one hour or more exploring the town, that is rich in history and proudly preserves its local heritage. 

Your visit includes a coupon to be used for tasting of the local Izola cake, which is served at a seaside promenade, where you can enjoy the local vibe and relax by the sea. 

Hop Taste Hop on-Hop off Slovenia

Koper - your second stop on the Slovenia Hop on Hop Off

The largest coastal city is Koper, connected with the Port, you can easily walk around and join back to the ship at your own pace. The city offers many interesting sites and venues to be explored. Once in history Koper was known as the Capital of Istria, from where the name Capodistria, which its the Italian translation of Koper. 

The coupons will take you to a local bistro for a Istrian tapas, to a chocolate shop where you can taste chocolate or espresso, depending of the season.

Impressions From The Shore Excursion - Feedback From Guests:

We very much enjoy the cities. It was lovely to have free time in Piran in order to explore the town at our own pace. The ice cream treat at the end of the visit was a great addition.

We decided to spend more time in Piran and did not get off on all stations.

The guided was very informative, it was a great help to have it onboard. The coupons could be used at different stops, but we enjoyed the cake the most. 

the last part of the tour, gave us the possibility to enjoy a nice walk across Koper too.

The tour was great. we enjoyed exploring the towns, which were particularly well cleaned with clean streets and nice locals.

The tour was great addition to our cruise to Slovenia.

Piran old sea town tasting tour

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