Hidden Gardens of Koper

Koper is a small Slovenian town, located on the northern Adriatic coast. This former Venetian town used to be an Island, which can still be seen in many parts of the city and its surroundings. Because of the limited space, majority of the streets are narrow, which sometimes makes you feel like walking inside the maze.

When walking through streets of Koper, one can enjoy in rich architectural heritage which reflects the importance of the city from 13th century onwards. Churches, monasteries, palaces, museums, can all be admired by everyday visitors, but there are also parts of the city, private gardens that are usually not accessible to most of the people visiting Koper, as they are surrounded by thick walls.

These so called hidden gardens are an amazing part of city history and an important part of everyday life of their owners. They are almost like small oases in the middle of the desert as they provide fresh fruits and vegetables. Although majority of these gardens are privately owned, there are also some, that can be visited, if you know where to find them that is. Just on the other side of Koper city museum, there is a beautiful garden/park, filled with old statues and other interesting structures made out of stone. In the day time this garden is part of the museum, but in summer evenings of July, this quiet garden becomes a perfect setting of JEFF – Jazz Ethno funky Festival, one of the must do things when in Koper (in july).

If you want to be part of the most unusual experience, come to Koper where we will enable you to meet local people and visit their gardens. There you will enjoy an amazing atmosphere like nowhere else.