Foodie Tours on the Slovenian Coast

Foodie Tours on the Slovenian Coast
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Posted by: Kopertours on August 22, 2017

Slovenian Coastline Foodie Tours

Foodie tours or summer lunches, that was a thought we had. People ask us all the time what is the traditional food around the Slovenian Coast. In one breath we all said, at the brainstorming desk, very diverse. Slovenian Coast differentiates from the inner and northern parts of Slovenia for its culinary traditions. We have the blessing of living by the Adriatic Sea and therefore enjoy daily the local seafood!

Daily catch, is one of the most common choices. It is always good to know a local fisherman to whom you can trust for the best and the earliest supply.

The Slovenian sea is rich with smaller fish like sardines, sea breams and others. In the town of Izola it was the custom to always grill the fish outside; on the balcony, terrace or courtyard. Some traditional families still practice this and in summer months you can smell the freshly grilled fish. On the last week-end in August, Izola hosts the Fisherman’s Festival. A traditional event that was an opportunity to thank all the hard-working fishermen for their work throughout the year.

Local Seafood Delicacies

Black mussels are the next choice. With several aquaculture’s and mussel farms along the coastline, a pot of fresh black mussels is a great choice. Once a year there is a local initiative in Izola when all the restaurants have on the menu one speciality dish with the main ingredient being the mussels. What a superb choice for Foodie tours!

Calamari are the most requested dish during the summer. Either fried or grilled. However, the best period to catch the local Adriatic calamaris is at the beginning of the winter. Each year in Koper they organize a festival to cherish the calamari with music and great energy. It is a nice festival enriched with the music and food stands all preparing the calamari. One of the delicacies that we all love is a fresh black risotto, prepared with the deep black ink. Another great choice for Foodie tours!

All of the above delicacies can be proposed to the visitor in a tour package “Our Foodie Tours”. Either you plan to spend a few days exploring the speciality food trail or combine all in one day; on land or sea. Our team can build a custom-made itinerary in order to combine all of the above elements into a great experience. Feel free to contact us for more.

Foodie Tours with local Delicacies

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