Special Event Slovenian Evening

  • What to see
  • Listen to the slovenian music
    Enjoy the company of professional musicians
    Create the traditional slovene atmosphere
    Create the traditional slovene atmosphere
  • Group size From a small party of 6 to a large group 100 guests
  • Event type Entertainment
  • Location Everywhere


If in mood for a nice and fun evening we can recreate the Slovenian evening almost everywhere. With a professional and multi awarded musical performance and entertainment gadgets, the mood will for sure cheer up your guests. The event can be incorporated into a dining event, winery visit, conference or as a get together party.

THe evening starts with a surprise, as your guests will not spot the real artists until their first performance. Undercover thei will merge into the evening all until, at suddon they will start singing. With the help of their musical instruments and dress they will create a uniqe ambiance along teh most reconizable slovenian songs. If the group is up to the chellenge, they can engage them into a fun a lovley game to lift the atmopshere.




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