Discover Ljubljana & Lake Bled Shared Group Tour from Koper

Discover Ljubljana and Lake Bled in and enjoy in the beauty of Slovenia.

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Discover Ljubljana & Lake Bled Shared Group Tour from Koper

  • 7 hours and 30 minutes
  • Koper, Ljubljana, Bled
  • from 80 EUR per person
  • Easy

Discover Ljubljana and Lake Bled in and enjoy in the beauty of Slovenia.

Ljubljana Capital Slovenia
Discover Ljubljana & Lake Bled

Why visit

This green city of Ljubljana is intertwined with tradition, culture and special spirit, that reflects rich history of Baroque between cobbled streets. Get to now the main sightseeing as the Triple bridge, Dragon bridge, Preseren square, and so many more. Don’t miss the beautiful Ljubljana castle, that is looking over at the top of the city.  

Your journey will continue to the northern parts of the country, right in the fairy tale setting – Lake Bled with magnificent Island in the middle of the lake. It is located in perfect location in green landscape and sparkling blue water, that will make you fall in love at first glance. 

Two very special and beautiful cities, which are located in two different regions, but which you have to see both while you are in Slovenia.

Highlights of the tour

The town with the large blue lake, the idyllic island, the iconic church, the dominating castle and the hill Lake Bled has all this, with the added bonus that the church sits proudly in the middle of the island. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia. Bled, the most amazing city with the emerald green lake and a breathtaking view over the Alps, will absolutely enchant you. Time permitting you can embark aboard a traditional wooden pletna boat and sail towards the island in the middle of the lake. 

Today, Ljubljana combines a picturesque and well-preserved medieval old town in its center with more modern districts that radiate in all directions. Ljubljana has a vibrant and youthful flair with countless cultural events taking place daily, as well as a lively nightlife. The capital Ljubljana is a city that makes you want to stay there forever. Known as a green capital of Europe in 2016 and one of the most sustainable capitals in Europe, it will truly reach you. You will pass by the charming historic castle on the hill, from where you will have the whole city at your fingertips. Breathe in the unique Art Noveau baroque architecture, pass the city’s most famous lovers – Prešeren on Prešeren Square – and cross the Dragon and Triple Bridge watch the Ljubljanica River.

The drive to Lake Bled takes aproximately two hours each way. Your journey starts inthe Adriatic region of Slovenia, travells through the Karst region and reaches the Alpine region. The route is very scenic and panoramic so taking the tour to lake Bled is well worth the journey.  

On the way, your guide will make the introduction to the country history and traditions, before delivering a special insight into each destination. The tour might be run with English speaking guides or English speaking drivers.






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Once you will exit the cruise passanger terminal, on your left handside you will find the blue meeting point booth under the green umbrella. Once there you will exchange your booking confirmation for the ticket and proceed to your vehicle.  

Enjoy a round trip along Slovenia. Known for its ever-changing landscape, you will travel from the Mediterranean to the Alps in two hours. During the trip your guide will introduce you to the region and Slovenia in general.


And you have reached the beautiful Lake Bled. Known for its alpine landscape, surrounded by mountain peaks and the mighty castle, you can enjoy the enchanting view. During the visit you can, if time allows, arrange a visit to the castle or the island. The costs are additional and payable on site. The Lake Bled destination is very popular; sometimes a walk along the lake with a taste of the original cream cake is the best choice. You cannot leave Lake Bled without the complacency of the lake with the island as an idyllic backdrop.


You leave the alpine landscape to reach Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Get ready to explore the territory of Slovenia.


The beautiful Ljubljana awaits you. Enjoy your free time in the compact historical centre of Ljubljana. Ljubljana is known for its lively atmosphere, a city that welcomes travellers from all over the world and is home to Slovenia’s largest university. If time permits, you can also take the Ljubljana Castle easy funicular ride directly from the open-air market. Enjoy a walk along the riverbanks, through mediaeval streets and browse some of the cosy shops before returning to your means of transport.


Enjoy the last leg of the journey, before reaching the final destination at the Port of Koper.


What you will experience in Ljubljana City

Take a stroll through the city, socialise with locals and sample traditional flavors as you explore two different parts of the country. Time permitting you can either sail a wooden boat or climb up to Ljubljana Castle (not included in the price). Time at each destination is limited to around 90 minutes before proceeding to the next one. The order of the destinations visited is adjusted on the day of the tour.

What you will experience at Lake Bled

One of the most scenic destinations in the world, lake Bled captures the alpine beauty and delivers a unique panoramic view to each visitor. During your time at lake Bled, you can enjoy a stroll around the lakeside, take a nice postcard picture along the lakeshore where a selfie heart is set or join the sail towards the Bled Island. All reflect the timing and extra costs might occur.