Cruise to Koper and What To Do

Cruise to Koper and explore Koper City. The list of our suggestions will help you decide what to do during you stay in Port. Either you venture to a shore excursion or decide for a stroll around the city. Koper is easy to get around, as it is mostly all within walking distance. Learn more about what to do while you visit Slovenia on a cruise ship. We are listing some of the options and ideas for your time in Koper.

  • Must-know: tourist info, language and currency

On the passenger terminal in Koper, there is an information booth, as soon as you exit from the customs and police control. The information’s are free, and you can ask for a free map of Koper as well. The booth is usually open AM and will provide you with the main information’s about getting around Koper.

To walk to the town center, you can use the free of charge elevator, that connects the passenger terminal with the upper part of the city.

The language in Slovenia is Slovenian, but most of people understand and speaks basic English.

  • Spending the day in Koper

If you are looking for spending a day in Koper and not joining any cruise ship tours, you will have hands full. First you can venture to the Tito Square and admire the Koper Cathedral, Bell tower and visit the Pretorian palace. The interior hold a wonderful senate room, but also a souvenir shop with all products produced in the area of Koper.

Next would be a stroll down the Cobblers Street, which is home to many different small shops before you reach the Preseren square and the famous Muda gates. From here you can easily walk back towards the cruise ship passing the open air market, cafés along the seaside and many other small shops to browse at. The day can finish with a swim in the sea on the Koper public beach. The walk back to the ship is just a few minutes.

  • Sightseeing buses – Slovenia Hop on Hop off

Our Best Seller product Slovenia Hop on Hop Off bus tour is the best choice to have a day pass to explore Slovenian Cost. It is a perfect choice for a tour to around the area, but enjoying some free time at the destination of choice. You can decide where to make the stop and spend more time, for example two hours in Izola and return back to the ship, or spending the whole itinerary hop on hop off on the itinerary.

  • How to travel to Piran?

Piran tour is an easy way to explore something new and still have time to walk around Koper. Hop on our Transfer to Piran at 11:00 and you will have 2 hours of free time to explore the town on your own. Piran is a great choice if travelling with kids or just looking for a relaxing visit and enjoying some of the most interesting cultural sites in Slovenia.

  • By bus, train, taxi or Uber

Koper local bus exists and connects all the coastal towns. It operates from a bus station that is a 15 min walk from the Port. The bus takes to Izola, Piran but makes many stops on the way. During weekends the operations are reduced.

  • What’s within walking distance

All the major highlights of Koper are at walking distance. However, if you are looking for a shopping mall you can book a taxi, it is just a 5min drive away from the cruise ship.