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If your sport spirit does not keep you calm during the holidays, we have the answer. Come and enjoy some beautiful biking Adventures and trails across the Slovenian Coast. You do not have a bike? Don’t worry we can rent you a bicycle at our office or we deliver it at your address.

In order to spend the most out of your time, our team is glad to help by the planning of the itinerary. We know the area and the region from Trieste, Karst, Slovenian Coast and the Croatian Istra. The Parenzana biking trail connects the region from its starting point in Trieste all the way, passing Slovenia, to the Croatian town of Porec or Parenzo, from here also the name Parenzana.

The itineraries can be divided into multi day programs or daily biking adventures; each day however is reserved for a different experience. We are going to structure the article according to the theme of the day and you will notice that each day offers something else.

Dragonja Valley Biking Adventures Trail

One day can be spent in the peaceful and relaxing nature. The biking path will bring into the green valley of Dragonja River, known for its vast orchards and vineyards extending through it valley. During the cycling you will have the chance to admire the spring and river rapids of the Dragonja River, known as the national border between Croatia and Slovenia. During the summer months it is a nice refreshing stop, as you can dip j to the chilly river. During the cycling you can schedule a visit of the old village of Krkavce, known for its vast olive oil production and its location on a lively rock. The special touch for the day is definitely a traditional regional lunch including a good glass of wine, olive oil tasting and a healthy stew to regenerate your body before starting the second leg of the tour. The cycling tour can start at one point and end at a different end, as for the part of our organization we provide also the bike transfer shuttle.

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Slovenain & Croatian Coastline Biking

If you are up for the sea and nice seafood luncheon, this itinerary would be perfect for you. Start your journey in Portoroz and continue all the way to the Slovenian – Croatian border. On the way you will cycle along the large salt fields that are known for holding a long heritage tradition for the inhabitants of the area. Each year the salt production is hand harvested in the summer months. Sečovlje salt fields are home to the world famous ‘fleur de sal’.

Next leg of the journey is a scenic part of the old Parenzana railway track; you will be able to bike on the slope overlooking the Piran bay. Your lunch is offered at the end of the peninsula in the old fishermen’s harbor of Savudrija. Lovely seafood delicacies are essential ingredient of your well deserve break. After lunch, on your way back you can enjoy some relaxing time sun bathing or swimming, especially in the summer months.

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This are just two of many itineraries, please take a look at more Bike Tours & Biking Adventures in Slovenia.