The Slovenian capital Ljubljana is this year’s winner in the category of tourist destinations awarded by the International World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).
The “WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow” to our capital was awarded in Madrid, Spain in strong competition with other tourist destinations, the finalists being also the region of northeast Taiwan and Sozopol in Bulgaria. The award reflects the trend for sustainable efforts in the industry, which is highlighted also by the fact that Ljubljana has been already chosen as the Green Capital of Europe for 2016. The Ljubljana municipality and the tourism department work hand in hand to provide a program, which suits the needs of citizens and equally the city’s visitors. The enthusiasm and dedication to provide a welcoming approach to the guests has resulted in an overall success.
The city of Ljubljana offers a relaxed atmosphere and many small signature shops, varying from restaurants, petit cafés, dedicated boutiques with hand-made products and a bustling atmosphere along Ljubljana riverbanks. During your visit you will see why Ljubljana was chosen as the Green Capital of Europe with its vast lush green surroundings, with parks that border the city center providing a feeling of openness and freedom. Its main goal, to convert the everyday life to be aware of the sustainability on different facets of life was well done. Citizens of Ljubljana use their bicycles regularly with many biking paths around the city, with the city center closed for heavy traffic.
We invite you to look up the destination LJUBLJANA on our web page which offers an insight to our Ljubljana tour, its history and the country itself of which we are very proud of. Ljubljana is celebrating 2,000 years since its foundation as a Roman city.

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