5 Places to See in Koper City

Koper is a popular port of call on most of the Adriatic Cruises going towards Venice. As a former member of the Serenissima, its hold many heritage sites glorifying the rich histoical past and contribution to the power of Venice over the region. Nowadays Koper turned out to be the largest and most modern city on the Slovenian Coast, with a wide port, that welcomes the most beautful cruise ships from all around the world. Its location is a perfect gateway to exploring Slovenia on organised tours but if time does not permit, it is also a perfect starting point to get a taste of the history, local culture and relaxing time in the Slovenian city. 

Once disembarked from the cruise ship in the port of Koper, you can easilly take three routes in order to start the visit of Koper on your own:

  1. Take the free elevator just crossing the crossroad on your left, when you exit the terminal tent
  2. Walk along the seaside in order to reach the promenade with many Bars and Cafes and explore the city from there
  3. Climb up the stairs and walk along the new park 
If looking to make the visit of Koper just a half day experience, than you can book one of our half day tours, which will you the opportunity to explore Koper once you are back from the tour. 

1. Koper Carpaccio Square

It was named after Vittore Carpaccio, the famous Venetian painter. In his honour you can admire the masterpiece portrating Koper at the Cathedral of St. Mary Assumption on Titio Square. It is said that he lived his last days in Koper, at that time part of the Venetian Republic Serenissima. 

2. Muda Gate Koper

Muda Gate was the main gate to the city of Koper. This gate is especially significant because Koper used to be an island and here is where the bridge was located connecting the mainland with the Island. Muda gates has the purpose to welcome in town only the noble families, all others were designated to enter by side gates.

3. Tito Square Koper

Tito Square (Titov Trg)  is probably the highlight of Koper. What was once the center of the city, when it was an island, is surrounded by truly stunning architecture,  Venetian-influenced and most of all connecting all the streets at the top of the Island. With great admiration Tito square hosts four of the most important buildings: Cathedral, Loggia, Pretorian Palace and the Foresteria, all having their own influence in shaping Koper as a economical force.

4. The Catherdral of the Assumption

The Cathedral of the Assumption (Stolnica Marijinega Vnebovzetja) an 18th-century church. Next to the cathedral is the Bell Tower (Mestni stolp), and you can climb the 204 stairs for a beautiful view of Koper.

5. Pretorian Palace

A 15th-century Venetian Gothic palace dominates Titos Square called Praetorian Palace (Pretorska plača).

September 2021